Parenting Wisely

Parenting can be a challenging, but rewarding job. Being an adolescent can be an exciting, but difficult time. The Parenting Wisely program recognizes the negative behaviors of adolescents can be turned around by a positive and supportive family structure. The Parenting Wisely program works with the adolescents and their parents to create such a structure. The Parenting Wisely model allows adolescents the opportunity to walk in their parents’ shoes. The parents develop an understanding of how their child thinks and communicates. This model promotes a closer relationship within the family, better communication, increased confident in the parents toward appropriate parenting skills, a more understanding, confident adolescent, and an adolescent that is more likely to think through situations, before reacting.

Parenting Wisely
Parenting Wisely is an evidence-based program empowering families to:

  • Identify the source(s) of the problem(s) within their family and to create family goals in terms of risk and need
  • Identify and create interventions and identify services to alleviate or minimize the problem(s) and to help achieve their family goals
  • Establish intermediate objectives in terms of identified family problems and goals
  • Establish long-term objectives in terms of identified family problems and goals
  • The program is administered in the family home or in group sessions.

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