Choices For Children provides a community approach to recruiting, supporting, and preserving families in the east, west and south central areas of Raleigh. This network of faith and community based support services is targeted mainly to families referred by Wake County Human Services who are receiving foster care, kinship care and CPS services.

Referrals for support services provided through the network include, but are not limited to: tutoring, respite care, child care, transportation assistance, mentoring, behavioral and public health assistance, parenting skills, back to school supplies, activities for children and teens, recreation, Thanksgiving and Christmas sponsorships and employment training.

The Coalition is comprised of community and faith based representatives who have form a partnership through Choices for Children with the Family Resource Center of Raleigh and Wake County Human Services. The network includes civic groups, faith institutions, schools, foster parents, birth parents, relative caregivers, community centers, child care providers, neighborhood families and residents who strongly desire to help meet the needs of families and children in their own neighborhoods.

Join our Choices for Children Coalition that currently meets every 2nd Thursday from 12noon to 1:00pm.

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Choices for Children Staff

Derrick W. Byrd, MPA
Program Coordinator
(919) 834-9300 x206